Top 10 Engagement Mehndi Designs You Should Try In 2019

Getting engaged is a huge milestone in every woman’s life. It is the first step towards a new life, with the life partner of her dreams. When the bride-to-be and groom-to-be exchange their rings, they silently make a promise to love, care and respect each other throughout their life.

Every girl desires to look like a princess on her engagement ceremony. In India, it is not only makeup, ornaments and dresses that play an important role in making the bride-to be look like a dream. There is another missing part of the puzzle, the piece that completes the whole bridal look. You guessed right, we are talking about Mehndi (Henna). The engagement ceremony is one day when the bride’s hand is in the limelight. A beautiful diamond ring just does not go well with badly maintained hands, don’t you think? Well-manicured hands, beautified with mehndi motifs – now that’s what we are talking about.

Here in this article, we will share the best engagement mehndi designs, to make you look like a million bucks. These will surely make your hands and that special ring look more beautiful and attractive.

Top 10 Engagement Mehndi Designs To Try In 2019

1. Design 1:

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This peacock-feather-like pattern cover half of the palm, while swirl patterns on the other half, looks really beautiful. If you look closely, you will be able to see alphabets. If you join them all, the name of the groom is formed (Sumeet in this case). This personalized touch gives this mehndi design a really romantic twist.

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2. Design 2:

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This is a very simple design but looks really attractive. These kinds of designs make your hand look more fair and beautiful. While the filled and dense designs usually hide the ring, this design would enhance and make your ring look more beautiful.

3. Design 3:

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This is a simple yet very elegant design. The alternately filled checks make this design even more beautiful and lovely. A traditional motif, this design has stood the test of time.

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4. Design 4:

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This is a beautiful Marwari design. The motif is really simplistic if you look closely. The hand is partially filled while the dotted pattern on the fingers looks as if it is a beautiful ornament. If you are a girl with a ‘simple living and high thinking’ attitude, then this design is just perfect for you.

5. Design 5:

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Dense mehndi design should be avoided during the engagement ceremony as they tend to hide the ring. This is yet another beautiful and light design, which is great for engagement ceremonies. The circular patterns look really lovely on the hands.

6. Design 6:

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Mehndi on the back of the hand is actually more visible during the ceremony.This next mehndi design is really lovable and adorable. Look at the elegance of this design and how beautiful the engagement ring is looking!! This design is a winner all the way.

7. Design 7:

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This is yet another beautiful mehndi design for the back of the hand. Floral designs always look beautiful just like this one. You can proudly flaunt your engagement ring, when you get this mehndi design done. Looks beautiful, doesn’t it?

8. Design 8:

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This design is just perfect to show-off your engagement ring during the ring ceremony. Here, the main focus is on the ring while the design is covering the major area of the hand very beautifully.

9. Design 9:

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This is one of those unique designs that are dense yet suitable for your engagement ceremony. The peacock design made on the palm is really beautiful. What make this design unique,are the patterns made on the fingers. Look at them, every pattern is different from each other. Isn’t it really an adorable design?

10. Design 10:

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There are few girls who don’t like the smell of mehndi. No worries, exceptions are everywhere and we have solution for just this problem! This is a temporary tattoo mehndi, which is perfect for girls who don’t like mehndi much. These are easily available in the market and the best part is that you can match the color of the mehndi with your dress!

Go traditional, or experiment with newer motifs – when it comes to mehndi designs, the options are endless. So, let your hands be the stars of the day!

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