Top 10 Simple Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are a very strong source of expression alongside being trendy. People get different sorts of designs engraved on their body parts as tattoos. These tattoos can be inscribed in various designs, colors and sizes. You can get a tattoo done either permanently or temporarily. Previously, tattoo makers were hard to find but nowadays, there are a lot of tattoo parlors present almost everywhere. Making up your mind to get tattooed is easy though it is hard to decide what designs you should go for. Hence, we are discussing the top 10 simple tattoos which can be tried out.

Top 10 Very Simple Tattoos

Some of the best simple tattoo designs that are small, easy to engrave and yet impressionable are discussed here.

1. Family Tattoo:

People like to have the names of their family members or a design related to them to be used as tattoo designs. Many celebrities engrave the names of their children in various fonts and languages. You can have the name of your child or the tiny, little feet of your infants as ideas for tattoo designs. These are simple, yet effective.

2. Monuments Tattoo:

Some people like famous structures to be used as effective tattoo designs. The most famous monument used as a tattoo is of the Eiffel Tower, Paris. There are many other monuments and structures which are used as simple tattoo drawings.

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3. Floral Tattoo:

Our love for flowers, feathers, petals and other such objects may be endless. These designs are also used as simple tattoo designs. Not only girls, but even boys are getting these beautiful and trendy floral designs replicated on their body parts.

4. Text Tattoo:

People love to spread messages and show off their favorite quotes or lyrics by getting them engraved on their body parts. Mostly quotes which tend to depict one’s attitude are used. Some people also write their favorite words like “Freedom”, “Free” etc as a tattoo which easily shows-off the trendier side of you.

5. Symbol Tattoo:

There are some common symbols like a heart, anchors, the sun etc. which are widely used as tattoo designs. These designs are easy to get engraved and less painful as they are usually small in size and can be inscribed very quickly.

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6. Sun-sign Tattoo:

People also like to use the symbol of their sun sign as tattoo designs. Some people relate very strongly to their sign and believe in going by it. These tattoo designs tend to show their auspicious side and connection with their zodiac sign.

7. Abstract Tattoo:

Some people also like to boast around with abstract designs. These may mean nothing but certainly look very good when crafted on your body in different abstract designs and colors.

8. Birds Tattoo:

 People also like to use designs depicting birds, different animals or sometimes even insects to show the kind of nature they have, or their liking towards a particular animal or bird.

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9. Mehendi Tattoo:

 Mehendi, in India, is a very common tattoo art. It is available in varied designs. This kind of tattoo is temporary and lasts for a few days. It even has cultural and religious sentiments attached to it.

10. Religious Tattoo:

I have seen people using the image of a god or a holy symbol as a tattoo. This is in fact a very simple and attractive way of the expression of your beliefs.

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In this way, you can use many simple and attractive designs as tattoo ideas to flaunt your personality to the world.

Hope you enjoyed the post going through these very simple tattoos. Leave us your feedback below.

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