How To Remove Pimples On Eyelids?

The other name for a pimple on eyelid is stye or sty. Eyelid pimples can happen to anyone at any point of life. This type of pimple erupts when the oil glands on the eyelids are infected. Sometimes, an attack of bacteria can be another reason for these types of pimples. A sty may pop up on the surrounding areas of the eyes, and on the upper or lower eyelids. A pimple inside eyelids is also a common experience. Unlike the common types of pimples on the face or chin, eyelid pimples generally do not grow many in numbers. Nevertheless, these are quite painful, no matter where they take shape. One can easily prevent this irritable nuisance on the skin when he/she is aware of the causes, symptoms and treatment solutions for sty or eyelid pimples.

How to get rid of eyelid pimples?

  • Before you look for any treatment, relax! An eyelid pimple is an unwanted guest for three or four days. You might have to bear the pain for two days at a stretch, as normally a sty disappears within five days. The pain does not linger more than two-three days. Therefore, you should not panic if you discover a stye on your eyelid.
  • Do not avoid cleaning your face and eyes with water while having a pimple in eyelid. Clean the eyelashes with a wet and clean piece of cotton twice a day. Soak this piece of cotton in warm water. You can add any mild shampoo to the warm water for better results.
  • If you have a sore eye, apply a clean and hot damp cloth on the closed eyelids for fifteen minutes. Try this three times a day, in the morning, afternoon and before going to bed at night. The hot compress method happens to be the ideal solution for a sty.
  • Sometimes, you may experience repeated pimples on the eyelids. In this case, you can apply any antibiotic cream for faster results. The antibiotic creams for sty are quite helpful in preventing future recurrence of the same. The best time to apply such an ointment is at night, just before going to sleep. Make sure to clear the ointment in the morning with wet cotton.
  • Eyelid pimples may lead to gland congestion at times due to over-secretion of fluids. A simple and painless surgery is the best solution for getting rid of such an infection.
  • Last but not the least, take good care of your eyelids along with the eyes. Remove eye makeup like mascara, eyeliner, or kajal positively before going to sleep every day.


How a pimple on eyelid takes shape?

If you are aware of the causes of an eyelid pimple, you must be conscious how to avoid the same. The prime cause behind the birth of a sty is the attack of bacteria called staphylococcus. The bacteria get inside the oil glands of the eyelashes through the nose and lead to excessive lubrication of the tear films.

The main feature of a sty is that you may not have a similar pimple in any other part of your body. More interestingly, most of the eyelid pimples go away naturally within a few days without any treatment. However, the need for cure becomes stronger due to the pain it causes to the affected person.

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Does an eyelid pimple affect one’s vision?

Although painful, eyelid pimples are less harmful. One may experience watering of the eyes, and redness with eye irritation while having a sty. Nevertheless, an eyelid pimple does not affect one’s vision at the least. However, a lump on the eyelid, the other name of which is chalazion, may affect the vision marginally sometimes, though on rare occasions. With the pimple vanishing within a few days, the blurred vision corrects itself automatically.

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